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Welcome to Red Box Marine

10 year guarantee

Red Box international have been manufacturing jump start units and continuous power supplies for the Military and Aviation industries for over 20 years. Quality, reliability and durability have always been at the forefront of our designs.

Red Box International also manufacture marine standard battery starting units. Originally designed for the navy, these units are not only unbelievably powerful; they can also be used in the harshest of environments. These units are now used throughout the world in both Naval and civilian applications and have gained an exceptional reputation for quality and reliability.

Not all start units are the same. Using the right batteries in the right configuration, and the right protection and safety features will make a big difference. Our units are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standard to give you the confidence and piece of mind that they will work when you need them.


external Chargers

We do not build our chargers into our packs. Quite simply, with any battery unit the charger is the most fragile part. Inevitably the start units are going to get thrown about, so why put the most fragile part in there? You can drop our units, fill them up with water, use them in all weathers and be confident in the knowledge that they will still work.


stainless steel  & aluminium casing

These units are used outside so it makes sense to protect them against the elements and build them to the highest possible standard. We only use high quality stainless steal and aluminium meaning the units wont suffer the rust associated with inferior metals or the cracking associated with plastics.


always use both batteries in the pack

Red Box dual 12/24 voltage start units are designed utilising Red Box’s revolutionary “Switch cable system” drastically increasing the life of the packs by up to 100% compared to similar systems on the market. Most manufactures use two batteries in their dual voltage systems and, in this respect, Red Box is no different. However, the norm among other manufacturers is to use just one battery for a 12 volt start and a combination of two batteries for a 24 volt start. This practise is not ideal as the single battery used for the 12 volt start is put under a disproportionate amount of strain and, as the 24 volt configuration is only as strong as the weakest battery, the whole unit suffers. The Red Box Dual cable system differs significantly from other manufacturer’s packs by utilising all of the unit’s batteries all of the time - no matter the configuration.


high-quality connection cables

Each battery start unit is provided with a 2 metre ultra flexible and rugged grade cable ensuring top quality build and flexibility in use, the same as supplied with our aviation and military grade products.


lithium options

As well as our standard start units we also offer a full range of Lithium equivalent options. Although slightly more expensive, the lithium units are extremely light, providing a starting solution, without compromising on performance, when weight is an issue.

Our team of industry experts are always on hand to help you with any questions you have. Don’t hesitate to contact us on (0) 1794 518888 or email sales@redboxint.com


* Guarantee does not cover battery cells and charger
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